6513CBrake Fluid Boiling Point Tester


This tester can measure the boil point of the brake fluid. It can measure the wet boiling temperature of the brake fluid for technician as a reference for maintenance. It can be the reference when
technician is going to change the brake fluid. Besides the brake fluid, user can also measure the temperature of other fluid by connecting the tester with K-type thermocouple.


  • With CE & UKCA Approvals.
  • Use on oil type of DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1
  • Power: 12V automotive battery
  • Testing current: 5 ~ 7A
  • Measurement range of brake fluid:≤320°C(≤608°F )
  • Measurement range of K-type thermocouple:-60°C ~ 500°C(-76°F ~ 932°F)
  • Working Environment: 0 ~ 50°C


DRY BOILING POINT ≥205°C ≥230°C ≥260°C
WET BOILING POINT ≥140°C ≥155°C ≥180°C
  1. Suggest battery voltage between 12-13V.
  2. Both "Brake fluid cycle paths" must be immersed into the brake fluid.
  3. Please keep the Brake Fluid Testing Probe perpendicular with the brake fluid during the test.
  4. If "Wait Cool" appears on the LCD, please wait for the heating wire to cool down before next test.
  5. User can use the "Brake fluid sucker" to draw some brake fluid into the measuring cup for testing.
  6. Make sure power clips are connected tightly with correct polarity before any measurement.
  7. After the testing, please wait at least 3 seconds for heating wire to cool down before take testing probe out of the brake fluid.
  8. Avoid the shaking and smashing of the testing probe, especially after the test.


Please mark sure the brake fluid level is higher than minimal brake fluid volume  position before test.

If “Err” & “Wait Cool” icon appears on the LCD, it means the brake fluid level may be lower than minimal brake fluid volume position, and the over-temperature protection has limited the tester.  Please check if the brake fluid lever is higher than minimal brake fluid volume position and wait the tester to be cooled down.

If the battery voltage is lower than 11.4V, please charge the battery before test.