7610BLeaking Current Meter


This is a stable, low power consumption, and high accuracy 3 1/2 digits (2000 counts) leaking current tester for automobile. Leaking current for automobile is generally as small as milliamps, which is hard to measure by clamp meter. By plug this meter with the fuse box, user is able to measure leaking current as small as 1 mA.


  • With CE & UKCA Approvals.
  • Display: 2000 counts; 3 1/2 digits LCD
  • Resolution: 1mA / 10mA
  • Maximum current Measured: 20A
  • Suitable Fuse Type: ATO (Regular) fuse / Mini fuse / Low-profile mini fuse
  • Refresh Rate: 3 times per seconds
  • Low Voltage Indication
  • Power: 1.5V AAA Battery x 2 (3V)


General Specification


2000 counts; 3 1/2 digits LCD

Refresh Rate

3 times per seconds

Power Supply

1.5V AAA Battery x 2 (3V)

Working  Environment 

0 ~ 50°C (32 ~ 122°F); < 80%RH

Storage Environment

-10 ~ 60 C (14 ~ 140°F); < 80%RH

Technical Specification


 ±( [a% of reading] + [digits] ), it is specified at working temperature 23±5°C, relative humidity < 75%, and 1 year after calibration.

Specified Accuracy

CAUTION: No more than 10 seconds measurement for maximum 20A current.

DC Measurement

* Remove the fuse from the fuse box, and install it on the testing probe of the meter.
* Plug the testing probe into the fuse box where the fuse has just removed.
* Switch on the power of the meter, and then start the power of the vehicle.
* Read the value from the display of the meter.

Leaking Current Measurement

1. User is able to measure the leaking current or dark current as the resolution of the meter is 1mA.
Leaking current is generally the main cause of why vehicle run out of power within few days; it's normally caused by poor insulation, aging wire, and damaged device. Dark current is generally the current to maintain the vehicle system stays standby when the vehicle power is off, and it is generally very small. Typically, the current consumption for OEM devices is as below:

• Car radio memory: 5 ~ 10mA
• Alarm system: 20 ~ 25mA
• Electronic control unit: 3 ~ 5mA
2.How to measure the leaking current / dark current:

• Switch off the vehicle power.
• Plug the meter with the fuse box as described in section B. DC Measurement.
• In general, if the current is greater than 60mA whenvehicle power is off, there is leaking current from the vehicle device which connected with the fuse.
• For dark current, user has to check the datasheet of the vehicle device, if the standby current is larger than specified, the device or its connection may be damaged.


▼▼▼ Leaking Current Measurement as small as 1 mA ▼▼▼