6420Vehicle Battery Tester


This is a device to test the 12 volt lead-acid battery of any vehicle.
The tester will focus on health condition analysis of vehicle battery;
it will estimate the cold cranking ampere (CCA) of the vehicle, and predict the lifetime of the battery.
This will be helpful for the technician to inspect and maintain the electrical system of the vehicle.
Base on the inspection, user can predict the time to replace the battery.


  • With CE & UKCA Approvals
  • Battery Test (SAE/DIN/EN/IEC/CA Standard)
  • Engine Starting Voltage Test
  • Charging Voltage Test
  • CCA Level Bar Indication
  • LCD with background light
  • Accuracy Voltage:+/-0.05V




- Battery Voltage when engine is starting
- Charging Voltage when engine is started
Available Set Up Range of Cold Cranking Ampere
SAE :200-950
DIN :105-600
EN :185-900
IEC :125-710
CA(MCA) : 250-1190
Voltage : 0.01V
Voltage :+/- 0.05V
Reverse Polarity Protection
Reverse protection < 20V DC
Operation Temperature
0 ºC ~ 50 ºC (32 ºF ~ 122 ºF)
Storage Temperature
- 30 ºC ~ 70 ºC (-22 ºF ~ 158 ºF)
LCD with background light
Type Of Battery Available
Available for voltage 12V (9 ~ 15V) normal Lead-Acid Battery (lead calcium alloy) below :
Sealed Maintenance 
Free battery、Maintenance Free Battery、Standard Type Battery、
EFB (Enhanced Flooded cell Battery)、AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Battery.
Not available for new type of battery like Lithium Iron Battery.   
Testing Standard
SAE: Cold cranking amperes standard for United States.
DIN: Cold cranking amperes standard for Germany.
EN: Cold cranking amperes standard for Europe.
IEC: Cold cranking amperes standard from International Electrotechnical Commission.
CA(MCA): Cranking amperes / Marine cranking amperes.
Error Message




Indicates the value is over the measurement range of the tester. It may be the battery capacity is too large and exceeded the measurement capacity. Please check the specification of the battery, make sure the battery capacity is with the set up range of the tester.                              




Indicates the value is too low to be measured. It may be the battery is too old, or may be the charging condition of the battery is not good. Please make sure the battery capacity is within the set up range of the tester, then charging the battery according to battery supplier's information. Before re-test the battery, place the battery still for at least half hour after it's fully charged. If "Lo" message is shown on LCD again, it means the battery is too old to be fully charged; please replace the battery.

Hi- -


It will appear when the voltage is higher than 16 volt. The tester will stop the measurement and reduce the brightness of the background light to protect the tester. Please check the specification of the battery, or ask the technician to check the alternator. In general, the charging voltage from the alternator will be around 14.4V. Alternator voltage is higher or lower than this value is abnormal. The maximum voltage measurement of the tester is 15V. It is suitable for 12V vehicle system only, voltage higher than specified may damage the tester and the vehicle.


The connection between the tester and the battery is loose, please check the connection. Make sure the red clip is connected with positive, and the black clip is connected withn negative. The jugged clips has to be fastened on the battery terminal tightly for accurate testing result.