6420Vehicle Battery Tester


This is a device to test the 12 volt lead-acid battery of any vehicle.
The tester will focus on healthcondition analysis of vehicle battery;
it will estimate the cold cranking ampere (CCA) of the vehicle, and predict the lifetime of the battery.
This will be helpful for the technician to inspect and maintain the electrical system of the vehicle.
Base on the inspection, user can predict the time to replace the battery.


  • Battery Test (SAE/DIN/EN/IEC/CA Standard)
  • Engine Starting Voltage Test
  • Charging Voltage Test
  • CCA Level Bar Indication
  • LCD with background light
  • Accuracy Voltage:+/-0.05V


Type Of Battery Available
Available for voltage 12V (9 ~ 15V) normal Lead-Acid
Battery (lead calcium alloy) below : Sealed Maintenance
Free battery、Maintenance Free Battery、Standard Type
Battery、EFB (Enhanced Flooded cell Battery)、AGM
(Absorbent Glass Mat) Battery.
Not available for Lithium Iron Battery.