1957AVehicle Battery Tester


This is a helpful tester for 12V & 24V vehicle battery. User is able to check the battery power level and the charging condition with various circumstances. It is also able to monitor the alternator condition by very easy procedure.


  • With CE & UKCA Approvals.
  • Voltage Range: DC 6 ~ 30V
  • Battery Test: 1. battery power test 2. battery condition test
  • Alternator test.
  • Monitor external charger.
  • With a Magnetic Board on the back slide to fix on suitable metal sheet of cars easily.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
  • Over-Voltage Protection: Yes (Maximum DC Voltage <36V)



For 12V battery, Battery Power Indicator will be “ green color ”; 
For 24V battery, Battery Power Indicator will be “ red ” color.


   Battery Indication   

   Battery Indicator Color   

    Battery Condition    

Alternator Overcharging RED RED Strong Output
Alternator O.K. GREEN GREEN Normal Output
75% ~ 100% GREEN GREEN Good
25% ~ 75% GREEN GREEN Fair
0% ~ 25% RED RED Poor
Battery Power GREEN RED Battery Connected