1651A12-42V LED Heavy Duty Circuit Tester


Check on 12 - 42V systems.
Automatic voltage identification: BLUE LED for General car / RED LED for Hybrid car.


  • With CE and PAHs Approval.
  • Compatible with current 12V system plus newer 42V system.
  • Automatic voltage identification featuring BLUE for under 36V and RED for over 36V.
  • Safe for low current circuits since tester only draws 3mA at 12V.
  • Two super-bright LED for visibility under all conditions.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel probe (length:Approximately 90mm / 3.5")
  • 12-feet cord remains flexible in low temperature.
  • New crystal-clear handle provides 360° visibility, ever under bright light.
  • Insulated handle and heavy-duty alligator clip(ground) helps prevent accidental shorts.