763013 Pin Towing Socket Tester


The tester is to connect with the 12V 13-pin Euro-type socket. It can also connect with 7 pin socket through a 13-7 pin towing adaptor. The cable is 5m long enough for user to do the test while sitting in the vehicle. The tester can also do self-test (not work for 7 pin socket), 12V power check, ignition and reversing light.
CAUTION: The self-test is not available with 13-7 pin towing adapter because there is no continuous feed via the 7-pin socket.


(1) Connect the tester with the vehicle's  towing socket. Take care to line up the male and female socket. Twist the out plug ring clockwise to lock the plug.
(2) If the 12V power line of the socket is working correctly, the 12V CONTINUOUS indication will light up.
(3) Press the Test to check the tester circuit and LED indication.
(4) Turn the ignition to ON position, do not start the vehicle's engine. The 12V IGNITION indication shall light up.
(5) For MOT test, please do in turns:
      1. Switch on left and right hand light.
      2. Switch on the side light.
      3. Switch on the fog light.
      4. Depress the foot brake pedal.
(6) User can also check the reverse light by REVERSE indication.
(7) To remove the tester after the test, please twist the out plug ring anti-clockwise to unlock the plug.