165812V Circuit Tester with LED Polarity Indicator


Checks open or short circuits on 12V automotive computer circuits and all primary automotive electrical circuits. Safely tests standard primary automotive circuits and on-board computer controlled electrical system without damaging the micro-processor.


  • With CE Approval.
  • 48-inch cable with insulated alligator clip.
  • Probe length: Approximately 70mm / 2.75"
  • Tough plastic handle will light up when circuit is in present.
  • LED Polarity Indicator: RED(-)/ GREEN(+)


VOLTAGE Check on 12V systems
PROBE LENGTH 70 mm / 2.75"
  1. Turn power on of circuit being tested.
  2. Fasten alligator clip to good ground.
  3. Pierce wire with probe. If bulb glows, circuit is present.
  4. Repeat above procedure to test following wire, until bulb fails to glow, repairs accordingly.