19483-28V Cordless Circuit Tester


With CE & UKCA Approvals.
Detect voltage from 3V to 28V.
No ground wire or clip required.
Replaceable long-life alkaline batteries included.(Power supply: SUM5 1.5V X 2 pc)
Safe with ECMs, sensors, transducers and air bags.


  1. Hold tester by metal barrel and place another hand on bare (grounded) metal part of the vehicle.
  2. Place tester point into connector or wire (pierce insulation if necessary).
  3. Tester will light, buzz when a positive voltage is detected.
V-Groove Protector Tip uses:
  1. Always insert the V-Groove protector tip on the tester point before carrying or storing the unit, as this may avoid injuries.
  2. Use the V-Groove protector tip when piercing wires to prevent the tester point from side-slipping on the wire and causing injuries or damage. 
  3. The protector tip may be removed for testing in hard to reach places inside connectors, sockets, etc.