7632Automotive Noise Finder


This is a portable automotive noise finder which can quickly detect source or location of noises emanated from bearing, gear, valve, valve body, crankshaft, cylinder, gearbox, car body and more parts after staring engine. It helps the serviceman to find out the actual noise part even in severe ambient noise.


  • With CE Approval.
  • Battery voltage indication.
  • Sound amplification with volume control.
  • Long pickup shaft allows use in hard to reach places.
  • To determine the trouble location according to different noises.
  • Features a volume control and is supplied with headphones and 9V battery.
  • Accurately pinpoints automotive noises and vibrations, which are converted into an electrical signal and amplified.


  1. Ensure the 9V battery is fit.
  2. Screw probe into head of amplifier.
  3. Fits headphone plug into socket in the base of the amplifier and put headset on.
  4. Switch unit on by initial movement of thumbwheel, red LED confirms that unit is switched on.
  5. Further movement of the thumbwheel increases the headset volume; about half volume is the optimum setting for initial use. Increasing the volume may be necessary for faint sounds, but an increase in background noise will also occur.
  6. Place the tip of the probe against the suspect part.
  7. The sound pitch and quality will vary, giving an indication of the location and severity of any potential problem.