194712V Auto Battery and Charging System Analyzer


1. Check for batteries, regulators and alternators.
2. For all 12V system vehicles, with LED indicator that helps pinpoint problems for fast troubleshooting.
3. Other car battery testers are also available.
4. With CE Approval.


Auto Battery and Charging System Analyzer helps you spot automotive electrical problem, quickly and easily before you're stranded with a dead or damaged battery. It's completely solid state, with a LED readout that helps pinpoint problems for faster troubleshooting. Keep the analyzer handy and check your vehicle regularly. By knowing the condition of your electrical system, you can often avoid inconvenient delays and costly repairs.
To Check Battery:
  1. Plug analyzer into lighter socket.
  2. With engine off, turn headlight on low beam.
  3. After one minute, read the LEDs (with engine off).  RED means low battery charge, battery damage, low voltage regulator setting, loose alternator belt, faulty wiring, damaged alternator diodes or slip rings or other internal problem, idle adjustment too low.  RED and YELLOW means battery is in fair condition, electrolyte level may be low.  YELLOW means battery condition is good.
To check alternator and regulator:
  1. Run engine at fast idle (or drive car) for 15 minutes.
  2. Read the LEDs (with engine on). YELLOW and GREEN means insufficient charging due to excessive current consumption (short in system), misadjusted or defective voltage regulator. GREEN means charging system operation is normal. RED and GREEN means battery is being overcharged. Causes include misadjusted regulator, poor ground or other poor wiring (especially in regulator circuit) or defective regulator.
Remove analyzer from outlet when testing is completed.