1944230V AC Socket Tester with RCD Test (For UK)


Displayed is a socket tester for UK standard. With various combinations of indicators, this socket tester can tell if the wiring is okay or not at ease. This high quality socket tester comes with a 30mA current leakage measurement for your convenience.


  • With UKCA Approval.
  • Test for 230VAC circuits.
  • Neon indicators.
  • RCD Test.
  • 30mA leakage current measurement.
  • Detect faulty wiring status in 3 wire receptacle.
  • Various combinations of 3 neon idnicators tell if wiring is OK or 6 possible faulty conditions.
  • Power Plug type: UK 13A socket-outlet
  • Measurement Category: CAT II / 1.5W
  • Frequency: 50Hz