1962110-460V AC/DC 4-way Circuit Tester


  • With UL and cUL Approval.
  • Bright neon AC/DC indicator.
  • Unique features with convenient pocket up.
  • Check voltage on 110V, 220V, 277V and 460V AC/DC.
  • Individual indicator for each voltage range assures reliability.
  • Reinforced casing and twin flexible test leads store in housing.


TO TEST FOR VOLTAGE AND VOLTAGE LEVEL: Insert test leads into outlet or carefully touch test leads to electrical contacts or conductor to be tested.  If voltage is present, the neon indicator in the correct window will glow.
TO TEST FOR VOLTAGE at an outlet without a ground post, insert one test lead into live side of receptacle while touching the other test lead to the cover plate screw.
TO TEST FOR THE LIVE SIDE of  a receptacle insert one probe into the ground post of the receptacle while inserting the other probe in the alternate sides of the receptacle.  Neon indicator will glow when other probe makes contact with live side of receptacle.