522680-1000V AC Non-Contact Voltage Tester


This non-contact voltage tester, can be used to test the presence of AC voltage from 80V~1000V, no need of metallic conduction, easy to read by visual and audio indication. Locates breaks along live, insulated wires and power cords. Adjustable sensitivity allows tracing of wires behind walls, around switches or receptacle.


  • With CE and UKCA Approval.
  • CAT Category: CAT III
  • Power off with knob.
  • Check voltage on 80-1000V AC.
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detection
  • Power supply: 1.5V"AAA"x 2 pcs batteries.
  • Adjustable high and low sensitivity by rotating gear.


  1. Turn the unit on by rotating the switch to choose the gear as high gear or low gear. Meanwhile the green LED will flash 1 time and beep 1 time when "Low V" and "High V" is selected. This indicates the battery is okay.
  2. Place the probe tip on or near circuit or unit to be tested. Buzzer and flashing LED indicates the presence of voltage (80VAC~1000VAC).
  1. Wait until the light and sound ends before proceeding to the next operation when you are choosing the gear or doing the testing. 
  2. Using this unit near equipment that generates electromagnetic interference may result in unstable or inaccurate readings.