2023Pinless Moisture Meter


  • This equipment measure the moisture by electronic magnetic, it will not damage the measured surface.
  • This equipment has moisture limitation warning function. User can setup the moisture warning when moisture is over the limitation.
  • Simple operation and visual display; user read the moisture through the number on the LCD display.
  • 10 levels of density for different materials, which increases the accuracy of measurement.


DISPLAY            LCD
ACCURACY ±1% @ 0-20%
±2% @ 21-35%
±3% @ 36-80%                
POWER 9V battery
0 <0.35
1 0.35-0.4
2 0.4-0.5
3 0.5-0.6
4 0.6-0.65
5 0.65-0.7
6 0.7-0.8
7 0.8-0.9
8 0.9-1
9 >1
  1. Long press the POWER SWITCH to switch on the power. Attach the sensor on the target; the moisture will be displayed.
  2. Short press the POWER SWITCH will enter the "Moisture Limitation Warning Setting Mode". Press the UP / DOWN SWITCH to select the limitation.
  3. Short press the DENSITY SWITCH to select different wood density. Please refer the Reference.
  4. Long press the POWER SWITCH again to switch off the power. (The equipment will shut down automatically after 2 minutes without any operation.)
  5. Equipment Calibration: (Use this function only when the testing environment seriously effect the measurement) Hanging the equipment in the air. Press and hold the DOWN SWITCH, then press the DENSITY SWITCH. The equipment will enter the "Self-Calibration Mode" after 5 seconds; the LCD will display "---". The equipment will leave the "Self-Calibration Mode" and go back to "Measurement Mode" once it finishing the calibration.
  • There will be about ±2% deviation when user hold the equipment and apply different stress. Consequently, it is better to leave the equipment on the measuring object without griping the equipment during the measurement.
  • This is high impedance equipment with good insulation. Please keep the equipment away from dust and humidity, and make sure it is dry and clean; otherwise the accuracy will be affected.
  • The moisture within the measuring object is generally not evenly distributing, consequently, same object will have different moisture reading from different surface area.
  • Please take off the battery when equipment will not be used for a long period.
  • Please re-calibrate the equipment when the operating environment has considerable variation.