2022Pin Type Moisture Meter


The moisture meter measure the moisture by the conductivity between the two pins. It can be widely apply for fiber material, for example, building and its construction material, various nonmetallic material, paper, wood, bamboo products, herb, tobacco, cotton, textile, soil and so on. Easy operation, clear indication; LCD screen will display the moisture of the target.


DISPLAY            LCD
ACCURACY ±1% @ 5-22%
±2% @ 23-45%
POWER 2 x AAA battery
Low battery indication function
UNIT DIMENSION 89 x 51 x 25mm
  1. Switch on the power by pressing the power button.
  2. Insert the two pins into the target, and the moisture will be displayed on the LCD.
  3. Press the power button again to switch off the moisture meter.
  4. The moisture meter will auto-power off after 100 seconds without any operation.
  1. The depth of the pin insertion will affect the result. In general, the deeper the depth, the higher the moisture. Therefore, please pay attention to the consistency of the depth.
  2. Please store the moisture meter in clean and dry environment; away from moisture and dust. Otherwise it may degrade the accuracy of the meter.
  3. Please read the moisture after the displayed value is stable.
  4. Since the moisture within the target may distribute unequally, taking measurement from different position of an object may obtain different results.
  5. As the leakage from the battery will damage the meter, please remove the battery when the meter is going to store for a long time.