2025Moisture Meter


Ideal for measuring moisture content in fiber and wood material. Easy-to-use handheld tool for many industrial and home inspection.


  • The instrument measures the moisture by the conductivity of the two pins.
  • It can be widely apply for fiber material, for example, building and its construction material, various nonmetallic material, paper, wood, bamboo products, herb, tobacco, cotton, textile, soil and so on.
  • Clear LED display to indicate the moisture of the measured object.
  • Auto power off about 2-3 minutes when there is no operation.


POWER SOURCE 1 AAA Battery                      
  1. Power-on: Switch on the power by pressing Power button shortly. Please change the battery when low battery indication lights up.
  2. Range (high or low) and Category (M1 or M2) selection: Press Select button shortly can select High or Low range; press the button for 3 seconds can select M1 or M2 category.
  3. Preparation: Take off the protective cap and press Power button to switch on the instrument and M1 will light up. Touch the pins by two fingers to test if the LED will light up. The instrument is damaged if the LED doesn't light up.
  4. Moisture Measurement: Switch on the power and initial setting will be in M1 category and Low range. Insert the two pins into the measured object in a depth of about 6mm.
  5.  In Low range, the moisture is less than 7% when no LED lights up. If LED 15 lights up, please shortly press Select button to select High range.
  6.  In High range, the moisture is more than 35% when LED 35 lights up; less than 16% when no LED lights up.
  7.  When measurement finished, press Power button 1 second to switch off the power. Cover the protective cap and store it in dry place.